Benefits of Using an Independent Energy Consultant


What does an Energy Consultant do?

An energy consultant provides clients with relevant cost and energy information during the design, retrofit, or operation of their building. This allows for informed decision making throughout all phases of the project. 

What does Edge Sustainability Consulting offer? 

Our approach mitigates the risk of redesign, scope creep, and project delays while positively impacting cost. If a project does not meet performance requirements or clients’ goals; we propose rational, cost-focused solutions, and present these options in a clear and transparent way. We then work closely with the mechanical, electrical, and architectural teams as experts in overall building energy performance.

Edge are independent and non-bias which is important in the design and construction industry. We are the clients’ building performance representative for each project. We specifically focus on practical energy modeling and sustainability solutions that benefit projects. Intentionally, Edge do not provide services associated with building envelope, mechanical or electrical design; this provides the most value in the holistic design of a project. While the firm was founded by mechanical and electrical engineers, it is our view that one cannot remain fully independent while providing design services to the client on the same project.

Vancouver and Benefits of Energy Consulting
Vancouver, BC

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