The Bigger Picture

Our knowledge and expertise in building design enables us to provide objective advice that empowers clients to make more informed decisions and accomplish their respective goals. We use detailed simulated building performance models to balance capital cost, profitability, operations and sustainability.

We model the bigger picture.

40 million

square feet of building area modelled to date annually


tonnes of CO2e saved on our projects to date annually

4 million

dollars in energy costs saved for our clients annually

Consulting Services

Simulated building performance models inform everything we do.
While not all services require a model, all benefit from one.


Codes + Standards

Navigating energy codes and standards can be challenging; Edge has you covered:

  • BC Step Code (+ City of Vancouver)
  • Compliance (ASHRAE, NECB)
  • LEED Executiv
  • LEED Energy Modelling
  • Title 24
  • RESET and WELL
  • Measurement and Verification (IPMVP)
  • Existing Building Energy Analysis
  • Sustainable Building Design
  • Zero Carbon Building Certification
  • Embodied Carbon
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Reports + Incentives + Analysis

Everything you need to measure, analyze, and verify building performance. Our services include:

  • Energy Audits
  • Existing Building Analysis
  • Water Audits
  • BC Hydro Funding & Incentives
  • FortisBC Incentive Program
  • Green House Gas (GHG) Reporting
  • Schematic Design Assistance
  • Thermal Comfort Analysis

Commissioning Roles + Services

From schematic design of systems to real-time performance and controls verification, our services include: (Cx stands for Commissioning)

  • LEED Fundamental Cx
  • LEED Enhanced Cx
  • Owner’s Cx Provider
  • Contractor Cx Agent
  • Cx Design Reviews
  • Site Coordination of Cx Activities
  • Verification of Building Systems
  • Real-time Solutions & Problem Solving
  • Scheduling of Cx Process
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Issues Log Management
  • Functional Performance Testing
  • Development of Test Procedures

What makes us different?


  • Meets code *

* at the expense of capital cost.

  • Meets code
  • Operating savings
  • Capital savings
  • Design solutions
  • Healthy buildings
  • Carbon savings
  • Government incentives

Need an energy Model?

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