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We are all working towards a better lifestyle. Edge will get the buildings you spend time in to meet these criteria. In an era where knowledge is power, modelling and monitoring will get you to a healthier, smarter and more sustainable future.

A boutique engineering consultancy wrapped inside a technology company. The modern era requires this combination to advance building performance.

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“From design and construction to operations, our clients understand how we are different from other building consulting groups.”

What our clients say

“Edge Consultants provide real-time solutions to our design build projects.”

Josh Gaglardi, Principal,
Orion Construction

“The team at Edge went above and beyond for our last project together. They demonstrated strong technical knowledge, exceptional customer focus and produced results on time in a challenging and fast paced environment. I look forward to working with them again on future projects.”

R. Gibson, Senior Project Manager,

“Airsset by edge provides us with healthy indoor environments for our tenants.”

Richard Morley, Director,
Facilities Management,
Century Group

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