Air quality impacts productivity, profit and comfort

Airsset empowers you to monitor and improve the quality and safety of your indoor air

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Monitor air quality from any location with airsset’s custom dashboard

  • View data by hour, day, month or year
  • Set custom warning parameters
  • Customize monthly analytics and reporting
  • Filter data by zone (warehouse, boardroom, lobby, etc.)

Airsset by Edge | Dashboard


Improving indoor air quality standards in your office allows you to optimize your employee performance by providing a healthier workplace. Airsset provides a dynamic assessment of your working environment by measuring VOCs, CO2, temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide and PM2.5.


How it works


Email alerts when air quality and thermal comfort reach undesirable thresholds.


Produce automated monthly compliance reporting via airsset software.


Solutions that address unsatisfactory air quality metrics.

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