Edge Sustainability Consulting: Origins, and Mission

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How it started

Edge Consultants was founded by Eoghan Hayes (an engineer working for engineers) and Michael Driedger (a sustainability consultant working for architects) while the two worked on a LEED Platinum and Living Building challenge project.

Seeing the inherent conflicts of interest in an engineer modelling their own design and architects suggesting sustainability solutions that looked good but did not perform, the two decided to join forces. The idea was to create a new type of consultancy that was independent but complimentary to the design and operations of buildings. A neutral third party that could look at solutions without bias and put numbers to how they can be both healthy and sustainable.

As a result, both the mission and the vision of the company came together in three words: Healthy, Smart, and Sustainable. Not only do these parameters define Edge Consultants, but form a solid foundation of who we are, what we do, and what we aim for at Edge.

What drives us

Edge is a strategic building consultancy specialized in engineering and building operations with a constant eye to sustainability and occupant health. Our firm specifically focuses on building performance modeling and sustainability solutions that benefit our clients and the occupants of the building. We are particularly passionate about indoor air quality as this is the main driver for creating healthy buildings. Edge does not provide design services associated with building envelopes, mechanical or electrical as we prefer to work collaboratively with these designers. Although Edge are well versed in all these areas, particularly mechanical design, the best approach is to remain independent to a client for energy, air quality or sustainability services. This allows us to focus on our passion of smart and sustainable buildings with the best possible air quality. What drives us is to collaboratively create healthy buildings that are also capital efficient. We believe that is what is healthy, smart, and sustainable for building design and operations.

Healthy • Smart • Sustainable

Healthy • Smart • Sustainable